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Silks are back and they're better than ever

Better Homes & Gardens, 2011
Custom silk floral arrangement

About Us

At Daniel Rose, we combine our love of silk flowers with a keen eye for design. My experience in product design, creating color pallets, and years in the style and beauty industry along with Daniel's history of building luxury homes enables us to create beautiful pieces for your environment.

Inspired by nature

Working with fresh flowers has taught us well. The beauty that occurs naturally in the world is never to be outdone – but we can use its influence for the most breathtaking pieces.

Finding beauty in unexpected places

We love to upcycle things here at Daniel Rose. Got an old watering can, an antique vase or a beloved picture frame? We can turn it into a stunning arrangement to work perfectly with your color scheme and décor. Many times we can include a memento or a cherished artifact in the design. There are endless possibilities with silk flowers and the choice is yours.

Creating original one of a kind containers is something we absolutely love to do as well. We are forever scouring flea markets, antique shops, yard sales and even junkyards. We’ll find the piece and redesign it through surface treatment, paint or any number of ways…to begin its life with a new purpose – to be the loveliest of vessels for your most unusual and beautiful arrangement. In addition we work with metal and plaster artists, potters and craftsmen who are available to work on a commissioned piece for your arrangement if that is what you desire.

Work with us

Please take a look at our offerings in the store. There are some pretty handmade items there, and we'll be featuring more from local artisans as we move forward.

If you have a business and would like to know more about our rental program, please call us.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Do give us a call, and we’d be happy to visit your home or office and have a look, so we can create the perfect design for you or your loved ones. We look forward to hearing from you.