FAQs from Daniel Rose Silk Effects - silk flowers and permanent arrangements for Rhode Island, New England, and beyond

Silks are back and they're better than ever

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a list of the most common questions we are asked about our products, including ordering and care information. See these questions, and answers, below.

How do I care for my silk flowers?

With the proper care, your custom botanicals can last for many seasons. Your Daniel Rose arrangement was designed for indoor use. Place in locations that are cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. High humidity and direct sunlight can fade colors and permanently damage you arrangement. When not in use, store your arrangement in its original box.

Occasional cleaning is recommended. To clean your arrangement, dust gently or use your hair dryer on a "no-heat" setting. Silk flower cleaner is also available at your local craft store. Silk flower cleaner will remove dust and restore colors with a simple spray application.

Your arrangements may contain fruits, berries and other items that are hazardous to small children. Arrangements should not be watered. Arrangement pieces should not be eaten. In addition, arrangement pieces should not be placed near an open flame because they are not flame retardant. Daniel Rose, and any of its affiliates, will not be responsible or liable for any and all personal or property damages or claims resulting from any improper use, handling, and/or cleaning of its products.

Are your flowers real?

Our Silk Arrangements are not real. Our products are faithful reproductions of real flowers, fruits, etc. Each item is carefully hand-crafted to be botanically correct which lends to subtle variations between flowers.

Exceptions to this standard are our "stylized" items that are designed for a specific look (e.g. beaded/glazed) or have a different finish.

I have not received email from Daniel Rose

Email is the primary method of communication used by Daniel Rose Silk Effects and Gifts. This includes important messages sent to you during the normal course of doing business with Daniel Rose (order confirmations, account alerts, etc.). Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for any system outages that may have prevented your receipt of email. If you, or your ISP, or any employee email filters are in use, ensure that these are properly configured to accept email from Daniel Rose("name" domain) or some similar manner.

Additionally, you will receive important delivery related email directly from established freight carriers – if applicable, such as UPS (www.ups.com) and FedEx (www.fedex.com). Please make the necessary adjustments to your email filters.

Important: Please note that we will not be responsible for any delay, missed communication or any other issue related to your (or your ISP's) use of email filters/anti-spam software or services. Please consult your provider or software vendor's documentation for instructions on how to properly configure settings of your email filter software or service.

How do I return an item?

If you are not happy with your arrangement - we will be happy to rework the piece to suit your needs using different colors, flowers, containers, etc. within the price range. If you still want to return it, please contact customer service.