Silk flowers rentals - permanent arrangements for homes and businesses rented from Daniel Rose Silk Effects

Silks are back and they're better than ever

Better Homes & Gardens, 2011
Custom silk floral arrangement

Rental Program

Take advantage of our very affordable rental program! We offer beautiful designs made to last. There's no watering, no falling petals and you'll never fret about how much light the plants require. Nothing to do except enjoy your arrangements.

Flexible and affordable

You can change your floral statements on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis - ensuring that you always have the best of the season in your home or office. Permanent botanicals are rented at about one third of the cost it would be to buy them. In general, prices increase with the size of the arrangements. Our customers love the option to change their décor with the change of seasons. Whatever is happening in nature can be recreated with our beautiful silk foliage and flowers.

More than just florals

Trees, greenery and potted plants are ever more popular these days. There are select items that are perfect for corporations and business offices. Permanent trees are desirable rather than real because they require so little maintenance - just a simple cleaning once in a while. They will remain very healthy and vibrant looking for years to come. We have images available of trees and greenery from which you may select and place your order.

Trees and plants can also be enhanced with any other type foliage or flowers. Call us to discuss your particular needs so we may quote a leasing option for you. We can then prepare and design your pieces according to your room color and décor. They’ll make lovely accents for your home or business and you can enjoy them completely - all without the work!